Monday, August 22, 2011

Pareekshith Rajah Portfolio (Concept work / Photoshop works)

Self work (Concept: No Gender Bias, tryed to pass the visual with matchstick. matchstick used to mention fire brand)

Digital Capsicum (Self work, fully Photoshop brushing)

Client Work (Client required water based image as per the referance given)

Self work (Except the bottle fully Photoshop brushing)

Colour changing (Client required to change the colour of green to Shades of yellow with out loosing metal texture and realistic feeling)

Self work (Concept: An apple a day keeps the doctor away)Design1

Self work (Concept: An apple a day keeps the doctor away)Design2

Computer eazy chair (Complete Photoshop work, ref as per the thump nail)

Background Extending

Self work (Adobe Illustrator draw)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Usefull links for the Designers

some usefull links for the Designers

Free fonts online

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Portfolio - News paper / Magazine Advts / Book Cover

Book Cover Design (Medical)
Greeting Card and envelop

VA- Front page (Vector type created)

Magazine Advts
Client: Shanthi Gears, Industrial client,
Theme: Shanthi gears/ball bearings used in almost all the industry.

Client KMCH Hospital services, Introduction of newly installed Scanning machine
Theme: its take only 5 sec to diagnose

News Paper Advts
Client: Residency
Theme: Promotion of newly inaugurated conferences hall

Client: Special Edition mens wear
Theme: promotion of Newly arriaved Mens wear

Client: Mahaveers
Theme: Diwali celebrations/ general advt

Client Sree Kota Jewellers
Theme: Symphony with music, nature. Work released.

Client: Annamalai Automobile dealers
Theme: Promotion of different utility vehicle through single advt.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pareekshith Rajah -Portfolio (Online Medium)

Webpage Layouts Web pages Online medium Client (Multiple Options )
client: Travelling firm

client: Luxury/cosmetic items firm

client: Property Development firm

Client:, emailer for promotion of the websites, Theme: Über personalized calender more good than kingfisher's calender.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pareekshith Rajah -Portfolio (Printing Medium)

Portfolio- Printing Media

Label Designs:

Dangler Designs:

Pouch Designs:

Box Designs:
Client: Kottakal Ayurvaidya Shala

Client Peakhale

Box Design

Wrapper Design (Chocolate)

Book Front Cover Designs

Leaflet Designs:

Visiting Card Designs:

Client name: Spiritual & Science, Transcribed version of the lecture delivered by Prof. S.A.R.P.V.Chaturvedi, Book Wrapper design focusing subject Spirituality & Science.

Client name: Arpudha, Logo design for a textile client
(Client required visual symbols which directly talks about there service area, Textiles business)

Client name: AVVA, Logo design for a Hotel Mamagement Institute
(As the Client is in Hotel Management Coaching Center design given with 7 Stars as there standard and worked with olive leafs in a traditional way along with some modern not much abstract designs)

Client Name: Shapes Media, A Media firm.

Client Name: Celebrity Group Capital Logo Designs

Client Name: Dhamaka 45, Energy substitute for 45 plus,  Logo Designs
Client Name: Neo-45 Champions, Energy substitute for 45 plus,  Logo Designs
Client name: ApplePerksSchool, Brohcure design for a Pre-KG School Kids
(worked with simple layout to keep the work simple as its for the Pre-KG Kids School)

Double side Printing: Work for various clients

Brochure: Work for various clients,
2 Fold Brochure

3 Fold Brochure

Client name: Codissia Trade Fair 2010, Brochure cover design

Client name: Gladerma Skinfluence, Poster

Client name: HP computers, Pamplet Design DoubleA4Size

Character Illustrations:

Calender 2010 Design

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