Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pareekshith Rajah -Portfolio (Printing Medium)

Portfolio- Printing Media

Label Designs:

Dangler Designs:

Pouch Designs:

Box Designs:
Client: Kottakal Ayurvaidya Shala

Client Peakhale

Box Design

Wrapper Design (Chocolate)

Book Front Cover Designs

Leaflet Designs:

Visiting Card Designs:

Client name: Spiritual & Science, Transcribed version of the lecture delivered by Prof. S.A.R.P.V.Chaturvedi, Book Wrapper design focusing subject Spirituality & Science.

Client name: Arpudha, Logo design for a textile client
(Client required visual symbols which directly talks about there service area, Textiles business)

Client name: AVVA, Logo design for a Hotel Mamagement Institute
(As the Client is in Hotel Management Coaching Center design given with 7 Stars as there standard and worked with olive leafs in a traditional way along with some modern not much abstract designs)

Client Name: Shapes Media, A Media firm.

Client Name: Celebrity Group Capital Logo Designs

Client Name: Dhamaka 45, Energy substitute for 45 plus,  Logo Designs
Client Name: Neo-45 Champions, Energy substitute for 45 plus,  Logo Designs
Client name: ApplePerksSchool, Brohcure design for a Pre-KG School Kids
(worked with simple layout to keep the work simple as its for the Pre-KG Kids School)

Double side Printing: Work for various clients

Brochure: Work for various clients,
2 Fold Brochure

3 Fold Brochure

Client name: Codissia Trade Fair 2010, Brochure cover design

Client name: Gladerma Skinfluence, Poster

Client name: HP computers, Pamplet Design DoubleA4Size

Character Illustrations:

Calender 2010 Design

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